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About Anchors Group

Anchors Group, specializes in real estate, technology and fund services, is a member of Sloane Asia Group.  There are three member company of Anchors Group, namely, AHV ("Anchors Hotels Valuation"); Anchors Hotels Investment; and Anchors Capital Group.  We serve clients in the Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Asian countries.


安佳思集团,专门从事房地产,技术和基金服务,是訊樂亚洲集团的成员。 安佳思集团有三个成员公司,即AHV("安佳思酒店估价");安佳思酒店投资銷售 ;和安佳思资本集团。 我们为中国大陆、香港、澳门及亚洲国家的客户提供服务。

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